The Lion and the Rabbit

The Lion and the Rabbit Word List afraid [əˈfreid] adj. (تــرســان) When someone is afraid, they feel fear. → The woman was afraid of what she saw. ئافـرەتەکـە ترســا لەوەی کە بیـنی. agree [əˈɡriː] v. (قـایل دەبـێـت) To agree is to say “yes” or to think the same way. → I agree with you. هــاورام لـەگـەلـــت. angry [ˈæŋɡrɪ] adj. (تــووڕە) When someone is angry, they may want to speak loudly or fight. → She didn’t do her homework, so her father is angry. ئــەو ئــەرکــی ماڵـــەوەی جـێبــەجێ نەکــرد بــۆیە بــاوکی تــووڕەبوو. arrive [əˈraɪv] v. (گــەیشــتن) To arrive is to get to or reach some place. → The bus always arrives at the corner of my street at 4:00. پــاسەکــە هـەمیــشە کاتــژمێر 4:00 ئــەگاتــە ســەر سووچــی شــەقامــەکەم. attack [əˈtæk] v. (هــێرش) To attack is to try to fight or to hurt. → The man with the sword attacked the other man first. پــیاوەکە بـە شــمشــێرەکـەوە کـەکــەم جـار هــێرشــی کردە ســەر پـیاوەکــەی تــر. bottom [ˈbɒtəm] n.( بـــن) The bottom is the lowest part. → The bottom of my shoe has a hole in it. بــنی پێــلاوەکــەم کونێــکی تــیایــە. clever [ˈklɛv ər] adj. (زیــرەک) When someone is clever, they can solve a hard puzzle or problem. → The clever boy thought of a good idea. کــورە زیــرەکــەکە بیــری لە بیــرۆکێــکی بـاش کردەوە. cruel [ˈkruːəl] adj. (دڕنــدە) When someone is cruel, they do bad things to hurt others. → The cruel man yelled at his sister. پــیاوە دڕنــدەکــە هــاواری کردە ســەر خوشــکەکـــەی. finally [ˈfaɪnəlɪ] adj.(لەکــۆتایــا) If something happens finally, it happens after a longtime or at the end. → He finally crossed the finish line after five hours of running. لە کۆتایا هێلەکەی کۆتای بڕی دووای پێنج کاتژمێر لە راکردن. hide [haɪd] v.(شــاردنــەوە ) To hide is to try not to let others see you. → The other children will hide while you count to 100. منداڵەکانی تر خۆیان دەشارنەوە تاکو تۆ تا 100ئەژمێری. hunt [hʌnt] v.( ڕاو) To hunt is to look for or search for an animal to kill. → Long ago, people hunted with bows and arrows. ماوەیێکی زۆر لەمەو پێشت خەلک راوی ئەکرد بە تیر و کەوان. lot [lɒt] n.( ژمارێکی زۆر ) A lot means a large number or amount of people, animals, things, etc. → There are a lot of apples in the basket. ژمارێکی زۆر سێوو لە نێوو سەبەتەکەیایە. middle [mɪdl] n. (ناوەراست) The middle of something is the center or halfway point. → The Canadian flag has a maple leaf in the middle of it. ئاڵای کەنەدا لە ناوەراستەکەی گەڵایێکی درەختی چنار هەیە. moment [ˈmoʊmənt] n.( ساتێک) A moment is a second or a very short time. → I was only a few moments late for the meeting. من تەنیا چەند ساتێک دواکەوتم بۆ چاوپێکەوتنەکە. pleased [pli:zd] adj. ( دڵخۆش یان خۆشحاڵ) When someone is pleased, they are happy. → She was pleased with the phone call she received. ئەو دڵخۆش بوو بەو تەلەفونەی کە بۆی هات. promise [ˈprɒmɪs] v. (بەڵێن) To promise is to say you will do something for sure. → He promised to return my key by tomorrow. ئەو بەڵێنی دا کە کلیلەکانم بۆ بگەرێنێتەوە تا سبەینێ. reply [rɪˈplaɪ] v.(وڵام دانەوە) To reply is to give an answer or say back to someone. → She asked him what time his meeting was. He replied, “at three.” پرسیاری لێکرد کە کۆبونەوەکەی کەیە وڵامی دایەوە سعات سێیە. safe [seɪf] adj. (سەڵامەت) When a person is safe, they are not in danger. → Put on your seat belt in the car to be safe. قایشی سەڵامەتیەکەت ببەستە لەناو سەیارەکەیا بۆ ئەوەی سەڵامەت بیت. trick [trɪk] n. (فێڵ) A trick is something you do to fool another person. → His card trick really surprised us. فێڵی کارتەکەی بەراستی سەرسامی کردین. well [wɛl] adv. (بەباشی) You use well to say that something was done in a good way. → he plays soccer quite well. زۆر بەباشی یاری تۆپی پێ ئەکات _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ EXERCISE 1 Choose the right word for the given definition. ❶bad or hurting others a. afraid b. clever c. cruel d. hunt ❷at last or at the end a. angry b. clever c. finally d. reply ❸to try to fight or hurt a. attack b. middle c. pleased d. trick ❹to not let others see a. agree b. hide c. safe d. well ❺the lowest part a. bottom b. lot c. moment d. promise _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ THE LION AND THE RABBIT A cruel lion lived in the forest. Every day, he killed and ate a lot of animals. The other animals were afraid the lion would kill them all. The animals told the lion, “Let’s make a deal. If you promise to eat only one animal each day, then one of us will come to you every day. Then you don’t have to hunt and kill us.” The plan sounded well thought-out to the lion, so he agreed, but he also said, “If you don’t come every day, I promise to kill all of you the next day!” Each day after that, one animal went to the lion so that the lion could eat it. Then, all the other animals were safe. Finally, it was the rabbit’s turn to go to the lion. The rabbit went very slowly that day, so the li
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